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DesignPlug Solutions

DesignPlug is a W2P (Web-to-Print) solution developed by WEPNP, DesigPlug can be customized with custom editors in existing commerce, and automatically converted files for final production Data is tightly integrated with existing production management processes. The W2P server controls this process, and template authoring tools also provide an accurate and convenient template authoring process.


One, proven solutions from major companies in POD field including LG CNS, PrintCity Inc., Kinkos Korea for 13 years

Two,  the solution developed with Adobe InDesign, a global standard for graphic design, is the most robust and superior solution in terms of accuracy of PDF conversion, stability of editing capabilities, and technological scalability compared to solutions built with its own engine.

Three,  Flash and HTML5-based user editors are available to enable fast, rich functionality in all browsers, operating systems, and devices without the need for a separate installation

Provides W2P solution for a wide range of printing products such as net,  general commercial printing as well as photobook, label / package

Five, license sales, as well as solution leasing, cloud, outsourcing, B2C and various forms of collaboration


Configuring the DesignPlug Solution

DesignPlug Editor

It is a custom editor solution that supports custom order automation through template-based self-design and preview for W2P-covered products. It is also available in various platforms such as HTML5, Flash, Air, iOS and Android and works with various commercial commerce platforms. It’s possible.

DesignPlug Manager

As an integrated management tool, it provides various management functions such as editor style, template, and clip art for customizing the site, product, price, and order management for B2C / B2B print mall operation as well as W2P service customization.

DesignPlug Studio

As a tool for creating product-specific templates for designers, Adobe InDesign-based tags and variable field definitions allow you to define templates for text and images, as well as easy template creation using the Editor.

DesignPlug Server

As a W2P application server, W2P service platform plugged into Adobe InDesign Server, a standard for global print design, is a solution that processes and manages various requests such as user editing, image conversion, and PDF generation by standardized XML-based automated processing method. is.


  • Manage Adobe InDesign Server plug-in generation for output files

  • Generate files for output (PDF, JPG, EPS) in real time or in batch for user’s various production requests

  • Includes optional LDS / IDS module for load balancing

  • Includes Adobe InDesign CC Server

  • Image conversion service (Convert AI, PDF, EPS, INDD files to JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF)

  • Text image creation service

  • Template-based PDF creation service

  • Create PDF with variable data

  • Automate tasks such as creating documents, placing text and images, creating PDFs, creating and changing styles

  • Database connection processing, XML file creation, Web image download, etc.

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