WEPNP is a leading W2P (Web-to-Print) solution provider established in 2005. It provides W2P solution, digital content solution and printing platform service based on the best technology of Adobe InDesign plug-in.
As a leader in on-demand publishing solutions, Wepnp has provided solutions for real-time on-demand publishing. We are steadily raising our corporate value and competence in various market conditions, such as a rapidly changing business environment, innovations in IT technology, and changes in customer needs. Since its inception, we have been continuously developing R & D for POD Framework to create a customer base based on the ability of wepnp to pursue the passion, professionalism, creativity, customer satisfaction and effective communication of employees’ We want to become business partners who can succeed each other through value enhancement.
Employees based on years of experience and trustworthy company with trust and creativity wepnp will always try to be a company that thinks about customers first. In order to maximize the value of our customers, we will always be your companion as a company that always strives sincerely and does our best. WEPNP is committed to becoming a company that values ​​enthusiastic, professional, creative, and customer-oriented values.


  • Established in 2005. Printing industry debut with auto-engraving technology and phonebook production solution.
  • Adobe InDesign plug-in has 10 key people (Daejeon / Seoul) based on the best technology in Korea.
  • Developed / released commercial printing (business card / envelope) W2P solution in 2008. Operating under the technology base of leading printing companies and platform operators such as Business Card Paradise, Kinkos Korea, and LG CNS.
  • Developed the photo book editor in 2013 and launched the All Log service. Pororo character affiliation. Cacao Story Print Service, etc.
  • Launched the Smart Catalog solution in 2017. Leading the digitalization of the domestic tool industry.
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