WEPNP has developed printing services, innovating customer productivity, and creating new value in the market together with leading printing companies, platform operators, media and content companies in Korea.


Web-to-Print Solutions

LG CNS, Kinkos, and Business Card Heaven have built a printing platform business based on Wipin’s W2P solution, and have developed hundreds of printing solutions for their members. We provide W2P-based printing services to large enterprises and midsize companies.


Printing Platform

Cacao (Kakao Story), Kids Notebook, etc. are targeted to many unspecified individual customers, and W2P-based mobile apps and production management have been solved quickly and easily through WipiNPY to provide W2P-based printing service such as photo books.


Digital Contents Solutions

Based on Adobe InDesign plug-in technology developed by WFPE, KraTech’s responsibilities, Angiographics, and Katyen have dramatically streamlined the creation, management, and distribution of DB-centric design artifacts such as catalog eBooks, videos, and telephone books.



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