Catalog Automation

AutoCatalog is a multi-channel catalog automation solution that revolutionizes catalog sales through a variety of channels by automating catalog publishing, eBook publishing, commerce interactions, and commodity page publishing processes.

  • The world’s first catalog publishing solution with integrated management of catalogs, eBooks, and commerce channels

  • The catalog-specific automatic edition function dramatically simplifies the publication design process which requires a lot of time and air.

  • Significantly reduced the time and cost of developing and operating digital channels such as eBook commerce and mapping and commerce product page publishing.

  • By centralizing and systematically managing product information, it automates the distribution of various channels such as eBooks and commerce as well as printed materials, mutual linkage between channels, and current price information.

  • Windows-based Adobe InDesign and standard Web-based solutions enable you to innovate your business processes while enhancing your existing investment


Solution composition

AutoCatalog consists of four modules: Catalog Management System (CMS) for catalog product management, Design for automatic catalog design, eBook for online publishing linked by commerce links, and Page for automation of commerce page design.




AutoCatalog CMS

Through a web-based dedicated site, integrated management of category management, product information / media file management, pricing policy, common element management, partner collaboration, statistics.


AutoCatalog Design

With the Adobe InDesign plug-in, you can dramatically improve catalog design productivity by automating processes such as page-by-page design work and price / rate synchronization.


AutoCatalog eBook

Catalog eBooks simplify the process of publishing commerce-based eBooks by automating the merchandise-specific commerce link-mapping process required to serve as an online commerce role.


AutoCatalog Page

By automating the creation of commerce web pages by product, you can simplify the process of launching and updating online commerce for many products.


Application of catalog authoring automation application


As a leader in the tool distribution industry, Cretech is launching a new catalog service based on SmartCatalog in 2018 to enhance catalog productivity and utilize it as a powerful marketing tool. SmartCatalog We operate our own digital contents system (DCS) based on CMS, systematically manage information about thousands of products, and automatically layout and design in Adobe InDesign for numerous product design elements. We have dramatically improved catalog production and maintenance productivity. In addition, publishing to eBook, as well as automatic linkage with commerce products, we have greatly improved the online collaboration system with many business partners.


CRETEC www.cretec.kr


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