CI Maker


CI Maker is a DIY logo creation ASP service provided by WIPI NEF . It can also be customized and consulted when customers request.


Five times the effect of 50 times the investment! It’s a simple 4-step system that automatically creates tens of thousands of designs with just a few clicks. Template creation guide is provided for easy creation and management of logos with convenient template registration and management function, and PNG file and EPS file of logo completed by download service can be downloaded. With application to product, you can preview the package design applied to business cards and envelopes.




After entering the business name of the logo you want to create, please select the desired design.


Create your own personalized logo using the featured feature of the selected logo.


In the Editing step of the Logo Wizard, you can edit it freely.


Supports PNG and EPS file download of finished logo, preview of package design is available.

Editing after application


CI MAKER In the final step, click Apply to products and click on the item you want to edit in the list of items.


UX editor to edit the desired product.


Supports various editing functions

  • You can edit various items such as business cards, envelopes, paper cups, banners, mugs, banners, and POPs

  • Text input and typeface, color, kerning, layout, image insertion, layout, Asian font support, etc.

  • Various object editing functions such as rotate, move, copy, delete

2D, 3D preview screen

  • Real-time preview images are provided for instant cyan viewing.

  • It is possible to receive orders 24 hours by providing cyan without design staff, and customers can shorten the ordering time.


Order / settle the item.

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