Directory CTS

Directory Computerized Typesetting System (CTS) is a system for automatically creating booklets such as phone book, daily information, and price information. It is an automatic typesetting system that systematically creates data for typesetting and automatically creates them as printable files.

We developed the proprietary program of the existing CTS system development company and it is plug-in method solution to Adobe’s InDesign product which is continuing various function and industry standard without trouble on continuous development dependency and high maintenance cost. And theThis allows you to take advantage of the latest in feature features of Adobe InDesign and our automatic engraving technology at the same time. By introducing our automatic plate system, you can obtain various effects such as securing competitiveness, increasing productivity, decreasing cost. As a CTS specialist company, we will provide solutions for various customer environments.


Solution introduction effect

  • Gain Competitiveness

Achieving differentiated competitiveness by facilitating business expansion, productivity, cost reduction, and improving business performance as a whole

  • Increase productivity

Avoiding mistakes in simple repetitive operations through automation and improving processing ability per unit time, dramatically shortening the time of editing ownership

  • Improving business performance

Through automation of simple batch operations, it focuses on creative design work in editing, improving business performance and facilitating internal communication in the same Windows environment

  • Increase customer service

Provide fast and accurate customer service response to requirements and easy to extend and change deadlines

  • Establish base for business expansion

By improving the productivity (processing per unit time), it is easy to develop and apply various products through local business expansion and automated system

  • cut down the money

Replacement and S / W license cost and maintenance cost savings with Windows PC instead of expensive MAC exclusive equipment


Business Process

New hotel in the center of the city.

Operation procedure and example screen

In addition,

main function

  • Automatic production through interlocking with database (telephone directory) and advertisement management system

  • Channels can create various types of channels based on industry type, industry type, and mutual type

  • Line Placement, Picture Placement, Auto Indexing, Rewind Creation, Auto Wing Tasks

  • Ability to set ad style (ad style, size, component, background color, border, etc.)

  • Automatic creation of style, color, document, book, PDF (ver 3.0)

  • Providing the function of creating advertisement by using advertisement technology language (XML) (patent matter)

  • Auto-add page feature

  • Automatic text overflow function

  • Auto import via image file pattern search

  • Automatic correction of the bottom of the page

  • Tip Auto Placement Function

  • Plug-in software in Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3

  • Database connection using ODBC, such as MySQL, MS-SQL, and Oracle

  • Automatically generate PDF files for output


Core module

WISepinfo’s directory CTS is a plug-in solution of InDesign, an Adobe editing solution. It is an automation solution suitable for editorial work such as catalog production, advertisement flyer production, telephone book production, intersection production, daily newspaper, and magazine production.


Phonebook Typesetting System

It is a solution for phone booklet production. It includes line advertisement, picture advertisement, table of contents creation, indexing, wing generation, and PDF creation.

  • We have applied for a patent for the production of the floor advertisement and have developed a language to describe the advertisement on the ground using XML.

  • It is composed of functions of channel setting for phonebook book, selection of area, arrangement of line advertisement, arrangement of picture advertisement, composition of wing work and index, setting of environment and setting of advertisement style.

  • Supports report templates to enable report output.

  • Place ads produced where you want by positioning ads within report templates.

  • Report function can be made for mailing to customer, for internal reporting.

Advertising drawing system

  • It is a solution for automatic production of advertisements on the ground. It provides functions to link to database, image template creation and management, report template management and report generation.

  • Provides database and connection functions using ODBC.

  • Supports the creation of various advertising templates through the support function of advertising template production.

  • An ad template associated with a database can consist of field values ​​in the database.

  • The automatic length adjustment function automatically adjusts the length of the text to prevent text overflow.

  • Set ad templates, image tablets for each category

  • Ad template production support

  • Business card advertisement using template, half-size advertisement EPS file, * .Indd automatic production

  • Automatically generate reports by template


Text Overflow Manager

  • Line After placing the text, if the text in the text frame is overflowed, it is provided in the form of a panel to easily find the text overflow part.

  • Provides search functionality for the current document.

  • Click to go to that location

  • Automatically selects frames with text overflow.

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