Jarvis Storefront for B2B


It is not only B2C print mall that requires an online order for prints. The online portion of B2B transactions is also increasing as much as B2C, and B2C-based order efficiency and productivity are achieved through B2B transactions in printing.

The difference from B2C in B2B online transactions of printing is that the types and specifications of printed products by corporations, design guides, and regulations on purchases must be defined in advance. If B2C is the definition and improvement of a generalized and optimized standard process between the consumer and the producer, then B2C will be able to increase the productivity of the operating entity that defines and manages the rules and processes between the consumer and the producer. I decide.

When flexible definition and management of this operating policy is possible, B2B online transactions can reduce the lead time and overhead of the existing purchasing process, which can be realized more dramatically through the use of W2P rather than simply accepting online orders There is.

Jarvis, WIPI’s W2P solution for B2B online transactions, is a platform that enables quick and simple handling of complicated and cumbersome order processing that has been done by many employees including various forms of business cards, store directories and so on. Employees are able to automate control and request processing without a separate confirmation or inspection effort, with a closed mall connection, in real time, from self-editing to pre-defined rules in real time.

W2P-based closed mall for general business

W2P-based B2B closed mall is a service that can be used by all businesses using business cards, envelopes, and other forms. For example, in a company with hundreds to tens of thousands of employees, business card ordering is no longer a process of collecting individual order data, making design censorship, cumbersome censorship, internal approvals, preprocessing for output, There is no need. Hundreds of businesses now have a W2P-based closed mall that minimizes production costs by delivering online, customized and validated, self-contained, ready-to-print files to employees.

Business Card Heaven, Bear Betters and other print specialists provide professional printing services to hundreds of companies through B2C as well as W2P-based closed mall implemented through Jarvis in B2B market.


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Corporate, group  consumer

Business cards, envelopes, etc.

 We can systematically manage the brand image by managing printed materials according to our corporate regulations.

 Dedicated staffs receive print orders and eliminate the hassle of managing them separately.
  →  24 hours Anyone orders, the dedicated staff manage the order status and simply approve the end!

 It is possible to manage the order status of all employees and branch offices.

Printer  manufacturer

If you have printing equipment and want to manage existing customers efficiently

It is possible to manage efficiently by receiving orders with separate closed mall for each customer.

It is possible to accept orders 24 hours without professional designers.

The cost of solution development and maintenance can be drastically reduced.

Dealer  Interpreter

 If you have multiple corporate customers, or have sales capabilities

 We can concentrate on sales. Site building, ordering, and shipping are the responsibility of CiaPot.

And once the site is built, it is a steady turnover.

1 You can check the order status at a glance on the  main screen  .

2 We will notify you of  major  order issues by notification .

3  Items that are difficult to self-edit  can be commissioned to professional designers  .


W2P-based closed mall for field sales-oriented industries

W2P adds value not only to its employees but also to field sales-oriented businesses. In the retail, automobile, cosmetics, insurance, and banking sectors operated by a number of field sales channels such as branches / branches, in-store stores, salesmen / salespeople, and external distribution channels, W2P- Maximize productivity through customized W2P-based customized small quantity orders for each sales representative, branch, and region for Direct Mail (DM), flyer / catalog, and various promotional items such as POPs and birthdays We are doing.


Closed Mall Platform for Printing Platform Operators

Various types of platform companies providing platform services based on group holding companies or B2B online closure malls for general companies as well as multiple general companies independently manage the policies and operations of each corporation based on operating tools, Integrated order / production management can be integrated.

LG CNS, Kinkos Korea, Naimi, and many other design agencies have built a printing platform business based on Wipin’s W2P solution and provide W2P-based printing services to hundreds of large and medium enterprises without printing equipment.


Convenient operator features

It is an operational management portal for businesses that use W2P-based B2B closed malls to manage the general affairs / purchasing departments of companies and businesses that manage various corporate clients. It provides various management functions such as order status monitoring / statistics as well as approval and policy management.

  • Provide closed mall service only for applicable corporation by providing separate access URL and authentication / billing system for each corporation

  • 24-hour order acceptance and real-time monitoring / statistics possible without separate personal response

  • Ability to operate differently by reflecting products, options, prices, templates, and order / approval process for each corporation


  • Order Status Dashboard for a comprehensive view of the situation at a glance

  • Manage site customizations, including site-specific products, options, and pricing

  • Order status tracking and tracking according to each order lifecycle, such as wait for approval, request for proposal, request for review, waiting for output, output, delivery, delivery completion,

  • Gain insight into operational productivity and business performance through various statistics by site, order, access path, and product

  • Membership management (new employee registration, organizational change, retirement processing, etc.)

  • Organization chart / position management, standard shipping management

  • Operator management (proxy registrant, approver, etc.)

  • Order Statistics and Settlement Management

  • Employee communication and community functions

  • Request for template registration request, editing request, etc.

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