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DesignPlug is an integrated solution that is required when printing companies build W2P-based online printing malls or when media / content providers want to provide printing-based services for the general public. WIPI provides a one stop solution for print specialists from designing for W2P based print shopping mall to building editor solution and operating infrastructure.





Commercial printing business application example

W2P-based ordering and production systems for the most common commercial prints, including business cards, envelopes, and banners. Leading domestic commercial printing companies such as PrintCity Inc., Kinkos Korea, and WowPress are actively promoting the online-based printing business by introducing WEPNP Inc. solutions and continuously improving customer satisfaction through efficient response to customized orders.



Communication 21 www.sotong21.com


Freedom Print   www.ifreedom.com



Very POD Center   www.ajupod.com



Tag Workshop   www.tag-studio.co.kr


Tag Studio


Photo book business application example 

Developed jointly with LG CNS, OLOG is a solution for photo book service that is a representative of digital printing. It supports both desktop and mobile apps and supports various photo-based printing products such as calendar photo promotional materials. We also provide total outsourcing services, including digital service construction through OLOG production platform, which is our own B2C service. We also support the launch of OEM rental business.

OLOG  www.olog.co.kr



  • Adobe AIR and Flex-based desktop editing solutions

  • Supports various print editing functions based on Adobe InDesign

  • Multi-language support with platform independence compared to other solutions on the market

  • Web-based sharing function through automatic generation of Flash-book


Olog storybook 


                       wepnp_ologbtn2  wepnp_ologbtn1

  • Photo-based custom merchandise order platform for mobile

  • Supports both Android and iPhone

  • Interlocked with major SNS such as Cacao Story, Facebook, Instagram

  • Main products: photo books, prints, photo frames, Pororo products, etc.

  • Being operated as a product in the Cacao Story from 2010 (Alllog Book)

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