Why W2P?

As the printing market is becoming increasingly popular for small quantity orders of various types, the sales channels of printing specialists are gradually increasing online. In particular, as the share of mobile in the general commerce market has already surpassed that of PCs, in the printing market, the proportion of PCs for mobile orders has long been ahead of others.

Companies that attempted to bring online print order channels to the forefront of the industry with high growth rates and profit margins, and even those that started purely online without an offline base, threaten traditional print specialists.

However, online ordering of print orders can not be competitive any more simply by opening a shopping mall and listing print products. Because print orders have to be customized to meet more complex customer requirements than any other product, the purpose of onlineization must be able to accomplish the following two purposes:


  • How to automate the customization process

  • How to minimize the process required for production pre-processing


Simply listing products through a shopping mall, building an online payment system, and receiving print files via WebHD as a guideline does not go far beyond traditional offline-oriented business practices, Can not achieve meaningful innovation.

Web-to-Print (W2P) is the process of bringing print orders online to truly deliver new value to users while reducing the time and cost of printing.



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