Ux Editor

  • Flash version of web editor

    – UX Editor is a Flash version of editor developed by Flex. It can be used directly without using installation work.

  • Support various editing functions

    – Various text editing functions such as rotation, moving, copying, deletion, etc. – Text insertion and font, color, crossing, and long sheet setting function
    – Call text function for paper cup etc.
    – Image insertion function (AI, JPG, PNG)

  • Convenient Usability

    – UX Editor is designed to be easy for beginners who do not know how to handle professional design programs.

  • 2D, 3D preview screen

    – Provides real-time preview image for instant cyan viewing.
    – It is possible to receive orders 24 hours by providing cyan without design worker, and customers can shorten the ordering time.




It is an all-in-one system that allows you to select various products from a single editor. This editor has the goal of making it possible to purchase multiple products at once or build a single shopping mall when linked with the shopping cart function.



It is a version developed in 2010. It is designed to fit in the order page of the website. It focuses on the design so that the editor does not stand out more than the products in various web environments. By providing the data input part traditionally, provide.

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  • Font, color, style, kerning, length setting function

  • QR code generation function

  • Image placement

  • Shape placement function

  • Rotate, move, copy and delete functions

  • Variable object processing function

  • Group sort function: left sort, uniform sort, even sort

  • Supported font: Asian font type

  • Language Support: Korean, English, Japanese


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